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     The Sussex County PAL is a registered charitable organization that was formed, funded and is operated by the members of the Sussex County PBA Local No. 138.


     The purpose of the Sussex County PAL is to promote sportsmanship, competition and citizenship to youths throughout the Sussex County area.  It is the central organization of the PBA for channeling information, instruction and financial assistance to athletic leagues and other youth activity programs sponsored by law enforcement officers.


     Sussex County residents are fortunate to have many programs in place for the youth in each community throughout the County.  The Sussex County PAL has their own programs and in addition, provides financial assistance to the many fine already existing programs in Sussex County.  


     In doing this, Sussex County PBA members hope to foster and encourage in the youth of the community a spirit of loyalty to American traditions and institutions; to participate actively in constructive endeavors; to promote the spirit of benevolence, friendship, sociability, good-will and tolerance amongst the youth of the community and to prevent and combat juvenile delinquency.


     Our New Jersey Charitable Registration Number is CH1899700.  The Sussex County PAL is also a federally tax-exempt charitable organization described in section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, Tax ID# 22-3657421.  Patrolman Victor Marin, our State Delegate, administers the PAL program (   Please see the Donation Request Guidelines and Donation Request Application for information about how we may be able to sponsor your team or youth program.  Additional information can also be found on the PAL Facebook page.

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